The testing toolkit.

Specsheet is a command-line utility that abstracts over the general testing pattern: running commands, examining their output, and collecting the results.

It can be used to test software, your computing environment, your cloud servers, and other things.

  1. Runs tests against a local or remote computer.
  2. Analyses the test results.
  3. Generates a test report showing which tests passed.

How it works

You define a TOML file containing the checks you want to run. Specsheet runs these checks and tells you how many passed or failed.

Under the hood, it’s running other programs, rather than trying to re-implement functionality itself. Here, it runs apt to get the list of packages.

$ cat checks.toml
package = 'cmatrix'
state = 'installed'
$ specsheet checks.toml
 apt package 'cmatrix' is installed
1 test passed, 0 tests failed
$ specsheet checks.toml --list-commands
apt list --installed


For now, you’ll have to download the source code and build Specsheet yourself. The code and build instructions can be found on GitHub.