homebrewHomebrew formulas, taps, and casks

The homebrew, homebrew_tap, and homebrew_cask checks examine the local Homebrew databases, and assert that formulas, taps, and casks are installed or missing.


Check that a formula is installed:

formula = 'cmatrix'

Check that a repository is tapped:

tap = 'railwaycat/emacsmacport'

Check that a cask formula is installed:

cask = 'emacs-mac'

List of parameters for homebrew

formulastringThe name of the formula.
statestringThe state of the formula on the system. This can be 'present' or 'missing'.

List of parameters for homebrew_tap

tapstringThe formula repository, in the form 'user/repo'.
statestringState of the tap. This can be 'present' or 'missing'.

List of parameters for homebrew_cask

caskstringThe name of the cask.
statestringThe state of the cask. This can be 'present' or 'missing'.