Check file schema

Specsheet’s check documents are TOML files. The root value of a check document should be

The majority of properties set on a check object will be dependent on the type of the checks. These are document in the list of checks.

Global properties

There are two properties that can be set on any check type: name, which override the auto-generated description, and tags, which filter which checks get run.

namestringA description of the check, to use instead of the auto-generated one.
tagsstring or listOne or more tags used to filter which checks get run.

Content matchers

Several check types allow you to match on strings of text, such as the contents of a file, the output of a command, or the body of an HTTP response. Because there are many different assertions that can be made on a piece of text, the content matcher is a sub-object containing one or more parameters to check on the text.

A contents matcher has the following parameters:

emptybooleanWhether this string is empty.
matchstringA regular expression that should match part of the text.
stringstringA string that should match the entirety of the text.
filestringA path to a local file on disk, with contents matching the text.